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Mark is a professional Actor and Stage Combat Instructor with 10 years experience in the industry. He has experience with Stage, Screen, Voiceover, Workshop and Role-play and teaches Stage Combat for Northampton University, as well as providing workshops for Corporate, Private, Schools and Theatre Groups both amateur and professional.
For more info on workshop availability and pricing please get in touch via the "contact me" section of the website - by clicking on the Contact button on the left hand side of the page. To book a ticket to see Mark as Don John, Dogberry and Friar Francis in Much Ado About Nothing in February 2015 - click on the button below: Much Ado About Nothing

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Training & Skills

The Bridge Theatre Training Company 2009-2010, Post Graduate Professional Acting Diploma

The Bridge Website


TV & Film – Mark Street
Radio – Colin Skipp
Period Dance – Huw Prall
Animal – Jonathan Jaynes
Text – Dannie Carr

Stage Combat Training

Stage Combat Instructor with the Academy of Performance Combat.


18th Century Smallsword (92% – REC)
Double Escrima (92% – REC)
Unarmed Close Quarters (90% – REC)
Unarmed Pool Fight (91% – REC)
Gladius & Shield (93% – REC)
Knife & Rope (84% – 1ST)
Case of Rapiers (87% – 1ST)


Intermediate Broadsword (91% – REC)
Unarmed (90% – REC)
Quarterstaff (95% – REC)
Rapier & Buckler (89% – 1ST)


Knife (90% – REC)
Broadsword (90% – REC)
Rapier & Dagger (95% – REC)
Single Sword (95% – REC)
Unarmed (95% – REC).


Jujitsu – Yellow Belt (3rd belt) – Master Ian Gauldie of CAUK


I’ll be performing shortly in Much Ado About Nothing for Reading Between The Lines. I will be playing the roles of Don John, Dogberry and Friar Francis.

For more information please visit the RBL website by pressing the button below.

Much Ado About Nothing


If you would like to contact me personally then please pop a little note in here. Otherwise, please contact my agent: Denmark Street Management, via the details below.

I look forward to hearing from you!


P.S. To follow me on twitter, click on the little birdy! And to find me on Facebook… aw who am I kidding – you know this stuff right?

Denmark Street Management, Suite 4, Clarendon Buildings, 25 Horsell Road, London, N5 1XL Phone:0207 700 5200

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